NSV creates vibrant, diverse, and sustainable city centers.

As a master developer, we don’t just redevelop underutilized properties, we transform neighborhoods and downtowns back into thriving, walkable, mixed-use urban environments.

Our Expertise

NSV has experience developing a wide variety of project types — residential, office, retail, multifamily and hospitality — both as a lead developer and as a part of larger development joint ventures.

Additionally, our team has deep experience planning and advising on projects developed by others. We have represented public and private entities in negotiating public-private partnerships and have a clear understanding of what drives local communities and their public interests.

Our Projects

NSV prides itself on maximizing both public benefits and financial returns.

We spend time working with our partners and stakeholders to make sense of the myriad of (sometimes competing) priorities and goals driving projects. We then execute on a shared vision that best actualizes those goals. To do so requires that we work closely with public and private stakeholders including city and county governments, state agencies, local businesses, area nonprofits, neighbors and developers during the planning and development process.